Community gives you awards for your questions, answers and votes. Below is the list of available badges and number of times each type of badge has been awarded.

Completed all user profile fields

First flagged post

Voted 300 times

First rollback

First down vote

Deleted own post with score of 3 or higher

 Editor × 325

First edit

First answer was accepted with at least 10 up votes

Asked a question with 10000 views

Question favorited by 25 users

Answer voted up 25 times

Question voted up 25 times

Answer voted up 100 times

Question voted up 100 times

 Guru × 0

Accepted answer and voted up 40 times

Answered a question more than 60 days later with at least 5 votes

Answer voted up 10 times

Question voted up 10 times

Asked a question with 2500 views

First retag

Deleted own post with score of -3 or lower

Asked a question with 1000 views

 Pundit × 11

Left 10 comments

 Scholar × 112

First accepted answer on your own question

Answered your own question with at least 3 up votes

Question favorited by 100 users

Edited 100 entries

 Student × 95

Asked first question with at least one up vote

First up vote

Created a tag used by 50 questions

 Teacher × 99

Answered first question with at least one up vote

User who has validated email associated to the account

Community badges


Gold badges recognize important contributions from members of the community. They are rarely awarded.


Silver badges are less common than bronze ones. You'll need to plan your strategy to get one of these.


Bronze badges encourage users to try out new features on the site. They are easy to get if you try!