Last night I left a test phone on and this morning I checked the battery stats to find my app had used 86% of the phones battery, largely down to location reporting from this SDK.

This is an Android app and I am using the newest SDK. This all seems to be because I am using Geofencing in my app.


I start this when I start the app, and I feel this is the issue. I check the logs and every second or so the app is calling for a location update, this seems highly unnecessary based on how big my Geozones will be.

It will kill my app from ever being usable in any form if battery is affected! It's even affecting my testing so I have had to turn it off. Now it's time to find a solution so users don't get affected.

Can I change how often the SDK asks for location reporting? Maybe to once an hour?

I can't understand why it asks for location reporting so often.

Hopefully there is something I can do. I would appreciate any advice no the matter, appreciate any help offered!

asked 15 Jul '14, 09:40
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Any idea on how to solve this one?

We have the same issue and we are not able to figure it out what will be the best strategy to implement Geo fencing pushes in Android. If we enable the startTrackingGeoPushes it drains the battery really fast!


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answered 17 Apr '15, 10:40
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