So I'm creating a messaging app and want to allow users to chat with each other using emoji and in their own languages (french, japanese, etc.) My plan was to send everything in unicode to the pushwoosh servers and let the platforms (iOS, Android) take care of the rest but I've been unsucessful in doing so. The message always get mangled in the process.

Would/could pushwoosh give an example createMessage JSON object with emoji/other language? Or maybe even just how the string in the "content" property would do too.

asked 12 Aug '14, 20:41
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You can pass a JSON object in the "content" section of our createMessage request in order to send a multi-language notification. As for the emoji, you can simply add them in the content as well, it would work.

Here's an example with emoji and different languages:

    "request": {
        "application": "AppID",
        "auth": "API access token",
        "notifications": [{
            "send_date": "now",
            "ignore_user_timezone": true,
            "content": {
                "fr": "Le roi (♔, ♚)",
                "en": "The king (♔, ♚)"
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answered 13 Aug '14, 06:50
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Dmitry Dyudeev

edited 13 Aug '14, 06:50

Thanks, your example worked and the emoji did in fact showed up on the iOS device properly.

Now, if I were not able to copy and paste the emoji ♚ manually since the messages are being created and sent from a server automatically, how would the ♚ be represented text-wise in the request object?

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answered 13 Aug '14, 22:11
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Found an example, this request will send the alien emoji (represented by unicode)

{ "request": { "application": "AppID", "auth": "API access token", "notifications": [{ "send_date": "now", "ignore_user_timezone": true, "content":"\uD83D\uDC7D" }] } }

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answered 15 Aug '14, 00:18
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