Hi, I've currently doing some testing and is able to send emojis via pushwoosh to iOS devices using javascript/Cordova framework. Here's a sample request object that sends the Alien emoji successfully.

{ "request": { "application": "AppID", "auth": "API access token", "notifications": [{ "send_date": "now", "content": "\uE10C" }] } }

However, here's the part I have questions on, the Alien emoji has a different unicode encoding, "\uE10C" for the old iOS Softbank encoding and "\uD83D\uDC7D" for the current iOS unified encoding. If I use the old Softbank encoding, it works (as shown above) but if I use the latest iOS unified encoding "\uD83D\uDC7D", the push never gets sent.

Thus, I'm suspecting that Pushwoosh is only accepting the older Softbank encoding. So: 1. I want to confirm if that is true or not or if I'm just doing something incorrectly. 2. If Pushwoosh is only accepting the older Softbank encoding, are there any plans to support the current iOS unified encoding?

asked 14 Aug '14, 01:09
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Could you send us the whole createMessage request that fails to work? We have just tested with the following content section:


Everything worked fine, push got delivered.

(14 Aug '14, 05:34) Dmitry Dyudeev Dmitry%20%20Dyudeev's gravatar image

Yep, you're right, everything did work and pushwoosh does in fact support all emoji. (ie. "content":"\uD83D\uDC7D")

Turned out the issue stemmed from my server which was running node.js 0.6.x and had issues dealing with multi-byte unicode. After I upgraded to the latest 0.10.30 of node.js, everything worked perfectly.

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answered 15 Aug '14, 00:16
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