Hi, I think I installed the plugin in Unity properly, it asked me to authorize push notif at first launch, wich I did, and I can see on the dashboard that my devices are registered. But when I send a push notif on the dashboard, I receive nothing on my deivces... I tried to disconnect wifi and it's the same. I also try test device and it's not working either. Any ideas?

asked 14 Aug '14, 15:32
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Grégory Chal...

For iOS: Push providers, iOS devices, and Mac computers are often behind firewalls. To send notifications, you will need to allow inbound and outbound TCP packets over port 2195. Devices and computers connecting to the push service over Wi-Fi will need to allow inbound and outbound TCP packets over port 5223. The IP address range for the push service is subject to change; the expectation is that providers will connect by hostname rather than IP address. The push service uses a load balancing scheme that yields a different IP address for the same hostname. However, the entire address block is assigned to Apple, so you can specify that range in your firewall rules.

Hope it works!


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answered 15 Aug '14, 07:00
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My phone is not connected to the wifi and doesn't receive push notifications either so it's not a firewall problem...

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answered 15 Aug '14, 15:41
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Grégory Chal...

I think that is a problem with app sign certificates. If you sign the app with a dev certificate and pushwoosh account configured with dist certificate you don't receive any notifications.

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answered 31 Jan '15, 02:04
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