I followed Pushwoosh ios SDK installation guid and i'm trying to send a rich html page notification.

I created a rich html page using the Pushwoosh Contorl Panel, selected it in the Additional data tab and added "push message" in the General tab.

The notification appeared as a regular notification with the "push message" as the text and when i pressed the OK button nothing happened. According to this page: "Rich HTML pages are displayed in the web view, so your users stay within your app!".

My question is how to i make the rich html page appear? Do i need to add additional code in the app side to support this feature?

I also added this delegate method to my code:

- (void) onPushAccepted:(PushNotificationManager *)pushManager withNotification:(NSDictionary *)pushNotification onStart:(BOOL)onStart {
    NSLog(@"Push notification OK button pressed %@",pushNotification);

and the output i get is this:

    aps =     {
        alert = "Rich text test";
        badge = 0;
        sound = default;
    h = 17949;
    p = ">";

17949 is the id of the rich page i created. How do i access the actual data behind this ID?

asked 20 Aug '14, 05:17
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edited 20 Aug '14, 07:35

That's bug in Pushwoosh SDK. Will be fixed soon.

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answered 02 Sep '14, 10:40
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