So I have an app I've built and works perfectly. I have all the provisioning done correctly and have it set to have push notifications. Now I am wanting to actually add the push notification feature.

I have my app added into my PushWoosh account and have configured it for iOS.

I referenced this page and completed everything.

At the bottom I don't understand the "Sample iOS push notification payload:" part. Maybe it's just a sample of what happens? But my biggest question is, where do I go from here? Is it ready for the app to be built, run, subscribe to push notifications, and test it out? After number 4 in that guide, there really isn't a next step to take.

asked 09 Sep '14, 00:36
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Got everything loaded in my app from that guide. For the PUSHWOOSH_APP_ID, I entered in the Application Code, I hope that's correct. When I went to run it from XCode to my phone and send a push notification, I received nothing. Also aren't I supposed to receive a permission notification to accept push notifications when the app opens?

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answered 12 Sep '14, 07:14
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"Sample push notification of payload" is just example of data that you'll receive with push notification.

And yes, these 4 steps of guide are all that you need to do.

I think you will be easier to understand what you need to do, if you look at iPhone-phonegap sample here:

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answered 11 Sep '14, 06:27
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