I have push working with my apps after following the tutorials.

Few things that I've notised that I cant work out!

1) When the app is open and i send a push the notification does not show? Close the app and re-send and it shows fine? How do I make pushes show while the app is open.

2) I cant send rich pages? I created a very basic 'hello' rich page and saved it. Then created a simple push message and selected the saved rich page. The push comes through fine but when I click 'Launch' in the notification it just opens the app - no rich page - I thought the rich page would appear?



asked 14 Sep '14, 15:13
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Mark Latham


1) If you mean banner on top of the screen - it is shown only if app is in background (or killed), and there's no way to show this banner while app is in foreground.

2) It was bug in Pushwoosh.framework. You can update it from here - https://github.com/Pushwoosh/pushwoosh-ios-sdk

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answered 15 Sep '14, 12:19
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1) Ok, just thought it was a bug ;-) 2) Will take a look and update...

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answered 15 Sep '14, 22:19
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Mark Latham

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