Ive been using my personal account to test an app, now its working I have set the client up a pushwoosh account. I set up an app in their account - I replaced the app ID in the javascript and re build the app (in phonegap build) but its not getting notifications now?

Do I have to re do all the signing profiles?

asked 14 Sep '14, 20:34
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Mark Latham

Actually Dmitry no need to do this.

It was actually a bug in my code. I thought it was an issue when applying a new App Id in my code but it wasn't.

For future reference in Phonegap Build all you need to do is apply a new App Id and it works fine - no need to recreate the provisioning profiles which was what i thought the issue was ;-)


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answered 16 Sep '14, 19:46
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Mark Latham

edited 16 Sep '14, 19:47

I am glad to hear the issue was successfully resolved!

(17 Sep '14, 04:08) Dmitry Dyudeev Dmitry%20%20Dyudeev's gravatar image


Yes, it is possible to transfer the application from one account to another. Just let us know the appcode and usernames, and we will do the rest.

Please note that you won't have to reconfigure the application, everything would work just fine.

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answered 16 Sep '14, 07:22
Dmitry%20%20Dyudeev's gravatar image

Dmitry Dyudeev

Thanks! How can I get the details over to you?

(16 Sep '14, 12:07) Mark Latham Mark%20Latham's gravatar image
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