I'm trying to using your service in order to send push notifications.

Everything work well for iOS and Android, but when I try to send a message to a WindowsPhone, the service answer with Unknown Devices.

This is the request:

{ "application": "my app id", "auth": "my auth token", "notifications": [ { "send_date": "now", "content": "Test notification", "wp_type": "Toast", "wp_count": 3, "devices": [ "http://s.notify.live.net/u/1/db3/HmQAAACmIa4PB8sqaIuQHdL0jns5k6yExtSqekou4li3DHAzjfE00N0mIAXRfUGHOz1Hp2NU6sGVYXl3hkYtiuQWdzw6/d2luZG93c3Bob25lZGVmYXVsdA/136Ajlqmy0a4mMJTBpBiyw/sACu5j7eGNYApTrU12JBzOOLitY" ] } ] }

And this is the answer: {"status_code":200,"status_message":"OK","response":{"Messages\":["07B5-7EF7F2B0-E89139E8"],"UnknownDevices":{"07B5-7EF7F2B0-E89139E8":["http://s.notify.live.net/u/1/db3/HmQAAACmIa4PB8sqaIuQHdL0jns5k6yExtSqekou4li3DHAzjfE00N0mIAXRfUGHOz1Hp2NU6sGVYXl3hkYtiuQWdzw6/d2luZG93c3Bob25lZGVmYXVsdA/136Ajlqmy0a4mMJTBpBiyw/sACu5j7eGNYApTrU12JBzOOLitY"]}}}

Using the same Device ID as Test Device in the console, it works.

What I wrong?

Thank you,


asked 23 Sep '14, 08:13
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edited 23 Sep '14, 10:04

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