May I ask, if a notification push message arrived to a device but the user did not open the notification or the user just clear the notification, so how can my phonegap program get the content of the message? Is this possible?

Please advice.



asked 28 Jan '14, 16:19
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(28 Jan '14, 17:21) Alex Spotar Alex%20Spotar's gravatar image

If a user ignored the push notification or cleared it from the notification center, and opened the application directly by tapping the icon, then you will not have any mean to get that notification payload.

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answered 28 Jan '14, 17:12
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Alex Spotar


Thanks for your clarification. So the conclusion is the only way my program can get the content of the push message is when the user open the notification. No other way right?


(28 Jan '14, 17:26) askeypuah askeypuah's gravatar image

Either when the app is launched from the notification, or when the push is received when the application is already running in the foreground/background.

I suggest looking into the following thread on stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12116282/handling-push-notifications-when-app-is-not-running?rq=1 The author has pretty much the same question, and he gives quite a detailed explanation.

(28 Jan '14, 17:41) Alex Spotar Alex%20Spotar's gravatar image
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