Hi! I'am trying to register a list of IDs as tags in PushWoosh.
The App is created with the Appcelerator Titanium Platform.
The following code works on iOS but not on Android:

var ids_strabschnitt = [];
while (ids_strabschnitt_query.isValidRow()) {
    ids_strabschnitt : JSON.stringify(ids_strabschnitt)
It creates the following request:
  "request": {
    "tags": {
      "ids_strabschnitt": "[\"0900007001-000\",\"0900007002-000\",\"0900000005-000\"]"
    "hwid": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "application": "XXXXX-XXXXX"
But I get the following error:
PushWooshResult: { "status_code": 200, "status_message": "OK", "response": { "skipped": [ { "tag": "ids_strabschnitt", "reason": "Type mismatch" } ], "tags_values": { "Language": "de", "Country": "de", "City": "de, aachen" } } }

If I try directly pass the array to the setTags Method this Exception is thrown:

com.arellomobile.android.push.exception.PushWooshException: java.lang.RuntimeException: wrong type for tag: ids_strabschnitt

How can I correctly implement a list tag in Titanium in Android?
Thank you ver much in advance!

asked 28 Jan '14, 22:09
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