I try to add a tag to an device. My request look like this (I use the hwid that pushNotification.getPushwooshHWID returns ):


The response is:


I created a Tag in the Pushwoosh Control Panel with the name "all" with type String. And a filter with value "serverid_13443_all" with "is" operator.

I recieve default message without a filter on my device. But if I activate the filter nothing happens!

I checked the tag statistics and there is a device with this tag and this value registered!

so what is going wrong. Please help. (we have premium account)

thanks Simon

asked 23 Oct '14, 11:41
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edited 23 Oct '14, 11:42

Hello Simon,

Could you please let us know your Pushwoosh username? It would really help us to investigate the issue.

(24 Oct '14, 09:20) Dmitry Dyudeev Dmitry%20%20Dyudeev's gravatar image

At the end everything is working. There was a delay of one and a half hours. After that time I got the messages and since them every message appears immediately. Thanks for your time.

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answered 27 Oct '14, 09:54
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It seems that a lot of people have problems with tags at the moment. So please see: https://community.pushwoosh.com/questions/1408/custom-tag-system-down and VOTE thx.

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answered 28 Oct '14, 21:34
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