hello (my username mrei) It seems that my pushwoosh tag function does not work anymore. I cant get tag informations(/getTags) of my own tags. I get only information for the default tags. Also the other functions (/setTags and /createMessage) with my tags/conditions does not work. The statistics of the tags, at the controllcenter also show no tags. But yesterday there were three tags! Is a server down?

Thanks for help

asked 28 Oct '14, 09:49
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edited 28 Oct '14, 21:35

Meanwhile I have deleted the "config" tag and create a new one ("config")! Now there are no more statistics available. But it still does not work. Tomorrow I will test other tags.

(28 Oct '14, 21:38) Simon Simon's gravatar image

Please let us know how you are calling the setTags method, it might be caused by an incorrect usage.

(29 Oct '14, 13:21) Nastya Nastya's gravatar image

Push: {"request":{"tags":{"config":["server_13443","server_13443","server_13443_group_all","server_13443"]},"application":"xxxxx-xxxxx","hwid":"xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"}} PUSH MESSAGE Response is: {"response":{"skipped":[]},"status_code":200,"status_message":"OK"}

(29 Oct '14, 17:46) Simon Simon's gravatar image

The confusing thing is, that it works somteimes. Ones I deleted that tag and create a new one by consolepanel. Than devices can add the tag. I can see two devices that have all the added tags. But if after some time. The same problem appears: All list values of the tag "config" tag disappeard. And then I also can't setTags or getTags of the config tag. I am 100% shure that my code is correct because sometimes it works. And than all tags disappears. And nothing works anymore.

(29 Oct '14, 18:01) Simon Simon's gravatar image

How much time should between device registration method and settags method? Because I set tags after some seconds.

(30 Oct '14, 08:24) Simon Simon's gravatar image
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