Hi. This is my first question here.

I have a weird problem and I can't find anywhere else an answer.

So: I use the unity3d plugin of pushwoosh for ios. Xcode version 6.1/unity 4.5.5 and the latest plugin from github.

I am making a test with an iphone 5s with ios 8.1

Every time the application starts the plugin seems to register correctly with a 200 ok code but constantly tries to reregister as if it falls to an infinite loop.

On ios7 devices however the above does not happen...

The push notifications are working but the memory usage is getting high by the time as if there is a memory leak.

What could be the problem. I followed the guides with care and already have used pushwoosh for android with sucess.

I would really appreciate if someone knows something about this. Thank you.

asked 03 Nov '14, 07:26
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I resolved it actually by commenting out all the push-notifications relevant code from the prime31 plugin.

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answered 26 Nov '14, 02:36
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The problem is found, but it looks at the moment Etcetra plugin goes into the deep conflict. The quickest solution is to remove Etcetra plugin or its push code. This code: [application registerForRemoteNotifications];

(27 Nov '14, 14:06) shader shader's gravatar image

I've pushed a fix to the Unity plugin that should prevent this conflict.

(27 Nov '14, 16:49) shader shader's gravatar image

That is super weird and I cannot reproduce this no matter what I do. Are there any other plugins that may interfere? Is it possible to send me a link to the exported XCode project I can debug? It doesn't have to be full one, somethin very simple project that reproduces this behavior?

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answered 25 Nov '14, 10:53
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It seems to conflict with the prime 31 etcetera plugin ....

Does anybody know how to resolve this?

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answered 26 Nov '14, 01:53
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