My iOS Push Certificates were expiring so i created new ones and uploaded to PushWoosh.

Well, before uploading the new ones, i went to dev (sandbox) to test the new app version with PhoneGap Build and then updated the Production Certificates.

After uploading and sending a push i noticed my other devices aren't registering. I went from 500 to 17. What's going on?

asked 28 Nov '14, 20:38
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Did you send push to Sandbox certificates on a live app? You can use "test push" functionality or configure another app in Pushwoosh for such testing. But if you send push to production tokens on Sandbox certificates - Apple will return all tokens as invalid, therefore they would be removed from the system.

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answered 01 Dec '14, 06:54
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I do not understand.

What i did:

  1. Uploaded Development Certificates and switched to Sandbox Mode on PushWoosh
  2. Sent a couple of Test Push to see if it was working.
  3. After getting it to work, re-newed my production iOS Push Certificates since they were expiring.
  4. Uploaded the new certificates under Production in PushWoosh
  5. Sent a mass push for Thanksgiving and noticed only 17 devices in iOS when it was definitely more than that before.


(01 Dec '14, 06:59) olajideolaol... olajideolaolorun's gravatar image

Step 2 destroyed production tokens. As they were returned by Apple as Invalid (they were for Sandbox gateway). I would recommend to contact support team to recover lost tokens from backup.

(01 Dec '14, 07:28) shader shader's gravatar image
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