Hi guys,

I have a premium account and so I configured iOS notifications automatically and downloaded the Provisioning profile via the link. I added the mentioned provisioning profile to my iPhone Provisioning Profiles via Xcode 5.0.2 Organizer. I followed the steps to use Pushwoosh in my iOS application.

When I run the application, I receive the following message:

Pushwoosh Error Your provisioning profile does not have APS entry. Please make your profile push compatible.

What could be the problem?

asked 04 Feb '14, 14:01
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Alex Spotar

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You should check your mobile provisioning profile and make sure it contains the “aps-environment” string. If it is not there, you should recreate the mobile provisioning profile in the Apple Development Portal. However, as you are using Auto Configuration for iOS, you can select the "Make my profile compatible" option in the last step of our wizard. Make sure the “aps-environment” value matches the gateway you are using: Sandbox for “development” and Production for “production” values.

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answered 04 Feb '14, 14:09
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Alex Spotar

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I followed your instructions but still received the same error message.

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Make sure your provisioning profile is push compatible and has "aps-environment" string in it.
Make sure you sign with the correct provisioning profile. Sometimes if you have two profiles for the same App ID XCode can mess up and sign with the old one.

The recommended steps are:
1. Remove all XCode profiles (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18923095/delete-provisioning-profile-from-xcode-5)
2. Add the one and only new profile.
3. Rebuild the app.

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answered 23 Mar '15, 08:15
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I am also getting this same error. I've tried every way possible. Provisioning file does contain the ape-environment string... I am not using the auto config.

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answered 26 Feb '14, 05:10
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does someone solve this issue?

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answered 01 Apr '14, 18:49
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Leo Chen

i've suffered this issue and i was able to fix it by editing the provision profile (make sure that all devices are checked in apple developer portal), after enable all devices, go to pushwoosh app config page and make that provision profile pushwoosh compatible (using pushwoosh assistant) after that download & install the provision profile from apple developer portal.

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answered 24 Apr '14, 11:16
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1.3k views and there is still no answer to this problem. Can someone from Pushwoosh please directly address and solve this issue, in this thread?

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answered 20 Aug '14, 18:53
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Gaaah!! Been sitting with this issue for to long now... Same issue as mentioned above... anyone of you got a solution yet?

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answered 28 Aug '14, 14:05
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yes, my solution was to install an ad hoc provision profile on the device, so create an ad hoc provision file in the apple dev center, download it and open it on your test device (via email for example). After installing the provision profile the error massage no longer appeared and push worked directly.


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answered 15 Sep '14, 14:25
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Evaluating the service and I have this error as well. My Provisioning Profile does contain the aps-environment entry and my app is properly configured by following the instructions.

Is that a PushWoosh issue or am I missing something?

Thank you

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answered 20 Mar '15, 20:22
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I had the same problem after following all steps. The solution that worked for me was to go to XCode Preferences, tab Accounts, select the correct Apple ID, click View Details... and click the refresh button with the arrow on it on the left bottom corner. This refreshed all Provisioning Profiles registered at Apple. After a clean build of the project the error went away.

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answered 29 May '15, 10:22
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