Today Adobe announce the possibility to use official Cordova plugin repository instead of PGB plugins:

Now... which is the best solution with PhoneGap Build? PhoneGap/Cordova iOS SDK or the last version from PGB repository (3.4.2)? If I use cordova plugin is necessary to change the javascript code in the app (that use PGB 3.4.2)?


asked 11 Dec '14, 06:51
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edited 11 Dec '14, 06:52

Ok, found the solution: <gap:plugin name="com.pushwoosh.plugins.pushwoosh" source=""/>

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answered 17 Dec '14, 16:15
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Wow. That's a big change! The best plugin and the freshiest plugin is always this one:

Due to a numerous restrictions of PGB built-in plugins Pushwoosh PGB plugin misses some features (for example Windows Phone 8 support).

The interface for both (PGB and CLI) plugins are the same so you shouldn't notice the difference!

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answered 13 Dec '14, 08:31
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Ok, but which is the url to set in the config.xml?

If I use: <gap:plugin name="" source=""/>

PGB reply me "plugin unsupported" and block the app build process.

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answered 17 Dec '14, 11:50
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edited 17 Dec '14, 11:55

... is necessary/suggest to indicate the version for cordova's plugin version?

example: <gap:plugin name="com.pushwoosh.plugins.pushwoosh" version="3.4.5" source=""/>

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answered 17 Dec '14, 16:23
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edited 17 Dec '14, 16:26

It wouldn't make any harm to indicate the version. But it could be omitted.

(18 Dec '14, 13:29) shader shader's gravatar image
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