I have a production provisioning profile that I have been using for iOS push notifications with pushwoosh. I've been using the pushwoosh auto form to get this profile set up properly.

Today I tried sending some pushes via the PHP API to an iPhone device and it didnt work. I tried with an Android device and it worked fine and as expected

I then tried sending a test push through pushwoosh to a test device and in the push history screen I can see that the message failed due to the certificate being revoked. This doesn't really make sense because I've just created said certificate via pushwoosh...

Can any one point me in the right direction? Before today, iOS notifications had been working via pushwoosh as expected.

Thanks -Chris

asked 19 Dec '14, 22:56
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Right, so I've come back to this today having changed nothing since I reported the problem and it's now working.

I can only assume it was a problem with PushWoosh somewhere, but as far as I could tell there were no issues.

Is there a status/issue page that PushWoosh makes public?

Thanks -Chris

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answered 20 Dec '14, 12:53
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Can you say you application id or account name(if you have one application). Also you can contact with support team to resolve issue https://www.pushwoosh.com/contact-us/)

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