Hi together, i have upgraded our cordova app to 4.0 and installed "com.pushwoosh.plugins.pushwoosh": "3.4.0", using plugman. On Android, when a push message arrives it shows application title and icon as notification, but not the actual message. (within push notification handler the message arrives properly in event.notification.message )

It occurs on Android 4.4.2 and 2.3.5 as well. Did someone observe the same problem? Any idea how to solve it?

Thanks Michael

asked 23 Dec '14, 09:50
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I have the same problem, nobody knows?

(27 Dec '14, 14:15) creat326 creat326's gravatar image

Use "Pushwoosh" setting in the Application Settings page in the Control Panel.

(29 Dec '14, 06:14) shader shader's gravatar image

I'm also having this problem. If I use the Pushwoosh SDK setting I get the text in the notification area but not in the app, and if I use AppPresser it's the other way around. Corona is entirely useless, the text doesn't appear at all. Is there really no way of having the text in both places? I'm using Phonegap Build, btw.

(08 Jan '15, 10:37) memsecepos memsecepos's gravatar image

What do you mean "I get the text in the notification area but not in the app"? Could you post a screenshot?

(10 Jan '15, 09:06) shader shader's gravatar image

Use "Pushwoosh" setting in the Application Settings page in the Control Panel. (Application=>Configure=>Edit Application)

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answered 29 Dec '14, 06:17
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Hello to everone with same problem.

I tried all possible versions of pushwoosh libraries/demos but allways failed to receive the message.

Finaly i have created a new project with GSM in google developer console and configured my app to use the new project. Actually I am not sure what the problem was (i had no credentials for old google project to check status), maybe a pending new license that needs to be accepted. However - It works now :-)

Hope it helps you too

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answered 28 Dec '14, 10:20
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nope it doesn't help. I'm using Unity and the messages arrive but they are empty. Nobody at support replies either, this is bs

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answered 28 Dec '14, 10:27
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I am having the same described problem using Cordova and building the Android app:

I receive notifications sent by Pushwoosh but they disappear almost immediately from the notification bar. When I open the notifications panel the notification is not there as well.

I am using Cordova 5.4.1, com.pushwoosh.plugins.pushwoosh 3.5.4, cordova-plugin-whitelist plugin is version 1.2.1.

On config.xml I configured:
<access origin="*.pushwoosh.com"/>

In the Pushwoosh web interface I configured Android SDK in the Edit Application (like suggested by the accepted answer).

Any ideas on how to solve this?

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answered 26 Jan '16, 12:22
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edited 26 Jan '16, 13:18

For all people who followed installation guide and faced the same issue:


You should install plugin with correct variables for notifications to be shown in notification center.

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answered 19 Apr, 07:47
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