So a couple of weeks ago i got the email from pushwoosh telling me that my Apple Push Certificate for one of my apps was about to expire in less than a month.

They give the link to and i have a premium account so i jumped down to step 5.2 and followed the instructions. I didnt do step 5 (Make your Provisioning profile push compatible (do not use this step for refreshing the expired certificates)) because this app is already on the app store, so the provisioning profile is already push compatible. So i just checked the "i'll do it myself" box and saved.

When i go back to look at the app on pushwoosh and click "edit" in the iOS configuration section it shows me the correct Apple ID, Dev team,and App ID. It has 4 downloadable files that i assume are the newly generated Provisioning profile, Private key, Certificate, and Push certificate. Am i supposed to do something with these files? There are no further steps on that instructions page so i assume i didnt have to do anything more.

The only step i seemed iffy on was that last step. Was i correct in checking the "i'll do it myself" box?

And if that was correct, is that really all i had to do? Seems a little TOO simple.

And why am i still getting emails about it expiring?

Thanks for reading! Sorry for the novel.

asked 07 Jan '15, 17:10
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Wow so I totally derped on this one. I contacted support and they reminded me that i had an older account i had used for testing that actually had the expiring certs that happened to be named the same.

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answered 07 Jan '15, 19:17
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