I got this nasty message from apple after I implemented Pushwoosh into my app

PLA 3.3.12

We found your app uses the iOS Advertising Identifier but does not include ad functionality. This does not comply with the terms of the iOS Developer Program License Agreement, as required by the App Store Review Guidelines.

Specifically, section 3.3.12 of the iOS Developer Program License Agreement states:

"You and Your Applications (and any third party with whom you have contracted to serve advertising) may use the Advertising Identifier, and any information obtained through the use of the Advertising Identifier, only for the purpose of serving advertising. If a user resets the Advertising Identifier, then You agree not to combine, correlate, link or otherwise associate, either directly or indirectly, the prior Advertising Identifier and any derived information with the reset Advertising Identifier."

Please check your code - including any third-party libraries - to remove any instances of:

class: ASIdentifierManager selector: advertisingIdentifier framework: AdSupport.framework

If you are planning to incorporate ads in a future version, please remove the Advertising Identifier from your app until you have included ad functionality.

To help locate the Advertising Identifier, use the “nm” tool. For information on the “nm” tool, open a terminal window and enter, “man nm.”

If you do not have access to the libraries source, you may be able to search the compiled binary using the "strings" or "otool" command line tools. The "strings" tool lists the methods that the library calls, and "otool -ov" will list the Objective-C class structures and their defined methods. These techniques can help you narrow down where the problematic code resides.

Can anyone tell me if the app uses the advertising identifier and is there a work around if so. Apple says I may not use it for any other purpose other than advertising.. Please tell me because I want to use pushwoosh and if not I have to cancel my account. :(

asked 08 Feb '14, 17:42
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Could you please specify the technology you use - Phonegap, Titanium, Corona, etc.?

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answered 08 Feb '14, 19:56
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Alex Spotar

I am using Cocoa

(09 Feb '14, 05:37) kangbear kangbear's gravatar image

Apple didn't reject applications because of Advertising Identifier in our SDK before, but it seems that for some reason they made their reviews more severe. The identifier will be removed from our github iOS SDKs to avoid this, I will update you as soon as it's done.

(10 Feb '14, 02:19) Alex Spotar Alex%20Spotar's gravatar image

@Alexander, could you also check the one for Unity? I updated our codes recently (commit e195cc0af9a262037dcd3f558b3fe36c66a3196c) and PushNotificationManager.m references ASIdentifierManager:

- (NSString *) uniqueGlobalDeviceIdentifier

Should we just comment the following lines?

      if ([ASIdentifierManager class]) {
           NSString *uuidString = [[ASIdentifierManager sharedManager].advertisingIdentifier UUIDString];
           if (uuidString) {
                return uuidString;
(20 Feb '14, 13:57) MissVi MissVi's gravatar image

That's right or just use the latest plugin version (see my answer below). Thanks!

(20 Feb '14, 14:00) shader shader's gravatar image
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