I have created an iPhone App where i have one screen with multiple buttons (showing categories of notification like Image,Vedio,Audio,Text).Now For me challenge is,how can i differentiate that this notification holds vedio link,so i have to add this notification in vedio category,if notification hold plain text then, it should be shown in Text category.I tried to find Api's and different other possibilities but was unsuccessful as whenever we send any notification ,it gives you dictionary that holds : Alert , sound,Badge etc information in json format.

Please help me out with this problem.

asked 12 Jan '15, 19:22
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You can use custom data for this. You can pass your JSON object and get it in app with getCustomPushData method of PushNotificationManager. For example, {"video":"video_link"}.

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answered 14 Jan '15, 08:27
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As Our Client will be using PushWoosh account for pushing remote notifications , so I can’t force him to use custom data where he have to pass json string (to pass notification type) and even if I say him to pass custom data, there is no guarantee that he will be typing correct type in custom data which I will be using further in application to differentiate push notifications.

Is there is any other way to differentiate push notifications according to their type?

(14 Jan '15, 11:03) Kanchan Kanchan's gravatar image

I would recommend to do Push presets that will have custom data built-in. This way you can make sure the custom data will be entered automatically.

(14 Jan '15, 12:15) shader shader's gravatar image
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