How is the "Subscribers" count number calculated?

  • Lifetime subscribers?
  • Active subscribers in the last X months?

I have noticed that users who uninstall the app are still being counted towards my subscribers count, is this normal? If so, do the users drop off after a period of time?

Thanks! Matt

asked 14 Jan '15, 14:50
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Global subscribers counter updated every 1 hour. Actual subscribers count you can see in specific application

(14 Jan '15, 18:44) XXXX XXXX's gravatar image

Pushwoosh removes users who uninstall the app from the database. However you need to send push notification to make this happen.

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answered 14 Jan '15, 18:42
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Ahh, great. So if PW fails to deliver to the token, it is removed from the subscribers?

(15 Jan '15, 04:55) synergyw synergyw's gravatar image

Yes. For APNS Pushwoosh also monitors Apple Feedback Service on a daily basis to remove invalid tokens.

For Android it is a bit different as it requires 2 push notifications to find invalid token as per Android doc (the first push will mark the device invalid Google servers, the second push will return the status).

(15 Jan '15, 05:47) shader shader's gravatar image

Ahh, okay, thank you for the clarification! Do tags linked to non-existent users also drop off?

(19 Jan '15, 08:50) synergyw synergyw's gravatar image

Yes, tag values of devices that do not exist in the system are also cleared from the database.

(19 Jan '15, 15:11) Alex Spotar Alex%20Spotar's gravatar image
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