I've been checking periodically to see if there is an updated PushWoosh library that would support the Unified API.

February is in a couple days, is the update coming out any time soon?


asked 28 Jan '15, 06:39
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We switched our Xamarin plugin to the new Unified API with 64 bit support included, it's available on GitHub. Sorry for the delay!

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answered 04 Feb '15, 12:17
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Alex Spotar

We are doing our best to deliver an update on Monday, however, it may be delayed by a couple of days due to QA test that we need to perform prior to publishing it.

Will keep you posted on the progress here!

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answered 29 Jan '15, 13:19
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Alex Spotar

Perfect! This is great news.

I'll check back on Monday.

Thank you :)

(29 Jan '15, 22:38) zsawaf zsawaf's gravatar image

Any news on this?

(02 Feb '15, 18:00) veyron veyron's gravatar image

We are almost done here, and expect to be able to release an update on github tomorrow evening

(02 Feb '15, 18:14) Alex Spotar Alex%20Spotar's gravatar image

Cheers. I'll check in tomorrow.

(02 Feb '15, 18:15) zsawaf zsawaf's gravatar image

Is it working on unified now? :)

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answered 04 Feb '15, 10:47
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Yes, it is, refer to the latest post in Pushwoosh blog

(19 Feb '15, 07:22) Benedict Benedict's gravatar image
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