Firstly, we register the device with the request { "request": { "language": "en", "hwid": "73cec535-4ff1-4bac-96e2-d2c3bb9197cc", "application": "87052-FB104", "device_type": 1, "push_token": "....", "timezone": 0 } }.

Then we set the tags of the device with the request { "request": { "application": "87052-FB104", "hwid": "73cec535-4ff1-4bac-96e2-d2c3bb9197cc", "tags": {"profileid": "73cec535-4ff1-4bac-96e2-d2c3bb9197cc"} } }

But your server returns (200, '{"status_code":210,"status_message":"Device not found","response":null}') from time to time.

How long do you think we need to wait between setTags and registerDevice to ensure the setTags request always success?

asked 10 Feb '14, 09:11
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edited 10 Feb '14, 09:13

Please note that "device not found" error may occur only when you call setTags, while registerDevice is still being processed. Generally, it is quite a rare case, since this error is always related to overloading of one of our servers (and, unfortunately, we had some delays during last week, partially related to Valentine's Day).

Please contact our support ( if the issue persists!

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answered 18 Feb '14, 10:44
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