Hi everyone,

I am building a PhoneGap application with PhoneGap build. Phonegap v3.6.3 Pushwoosh plugin v3.4.5 Device: iPhone 5

I am following this to make my app works with Pushwoosh https://www.pushwoosh.com/programming-push-notification/ios/ios-additional-platforms/push-notification-sdk-integration-for-phonegap/ but the registerDevice() is not firing any callback: no success, no error.

Before to integrate Pushwoosh on my application, I installed on my device a test application linked to a Pushwoosh application. It used an older version of Phonegap and an older version of the plugin. It worked and I received push notifications. When i deleted the test application from my phone the number of subscribers on Pushwoosh remained 1. I guess it is normal because I did not unregister my device.

I installed then the Pushwoosh plugin on my final application but i didn't change the Pushwoosh application. The registration have never fired a single callback, but I received push notifications. In any case the 'push-notification' listener did not work. I invoked the unregisterDevice() function and I received a success response. I tried to register again but no callback.

I now created a new Pushwoosh application but the problem remains: the registration function does not fires callback and consequentially the Pushwoosh subscribers number is set to 0.

Could you help me with it and if you need more information?

Thank you and best regards.


asked 05 Feb '15, 17:37
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Solved. Restoring the device to the factory settings actually helped.

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answered 19 Feb '15, 07:31
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