In Pushwoosh API on "createMessage" Method i see two parametrs: "android_sound" : "soundfile", // Optional. Sound file name in the "res/raw" folder, do not include the extension "ios_sound": "sound file.wav", // Optional. Sound file name in the main bundle of application

I build the application with Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova.

As I understand in cordova CLI build i have accsess only for "www" folder?

Where to upload my sounds - for android and for IOS? and whether it is possible to establish a melody using plugin Pushwoosh plugin for Cordova?

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asked 06 Feb '15, 00:16
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Please see the Pushwoosh Cordova app sample in the GitHub repo:


So you should place your sound file into the res/raw folder, which should be located in the root folder of your project.

As for iOS, you need to place the sound file in the resources folder. You can see its location in the sample app:

(20 Feb '15, 09:51) Andrew_H Andrew_H's gravatar image

You see the thing is that when I build the application I do not have access to the «res» folder. I usage Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova, and when I click build button everything happens automatically and on the output I get .apk file. I can not copy file to “platforms\android\res” and then build. With each new build - old folder platforms\android cleared. Is it possible set path to sound file on “www” folder?

(20 Feb '15, 10:14) MrPro100 MrPro100's gravatar image


Are you able to put the sound file into the www/res folder? If yes, could you please try to do that?

(17 Mar '15, 11:19) Andrew_H Andrew_H's gravatar image

Yes I put sound file into the www/res folder and when i send push message from dashboard i set Sound: " www/res/test" - it not work.

I resolve my problem in Visual Studio Cordova project i added sound into the foler - \res\native\android\res\raw

After build song file copied to - \bld\Debug\platforms\android\res\raw

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answered 20 Mar '15, 12:51
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For iOS, I put my sound in the resources folder, which works for the push outside of the app. Within the app, there is no sound. How do I make that work?

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answered 04 Mar '16, 23:31
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