Where are we supposed to put the sound file ? I tried "android_sound": "/www/res/horn", "/assets/www/res/horn", "/res/raw/horn", "horn"... but nothing seems to be working although the file is present in the apk (in assets/www/res folder)


asked 10 Feb '15, 22:30
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Actually, you should indicate only the name of the sound file, not the path to this file. If the file was added properly in the res/raw folder everything should work fine.

Could you please provide your API request with the "android_sound" parameter?

Additionally, could you please specify the format of your sound file?

(19 Feb '15, 11:27) Andrew_H Andrew_H's gravatar image


Thanks for your answer. I checked my APK and my sound file, named sound.wav is in the the res/raw folder but still doesn't work.

Here's my request:

request": { "application": "XXX-XXX", "auth": "XXX", "notifications": [ { "send_date": "now", "ignore_user_timezone": true, "data": { "type": "XXX" }, "content": { "fr": "XXX" }, "ios_badges": 5, "platforms": [ 1, 3 ], "devices": [ "XXX", "XXX" ], "android_root_params": { "message": "XXX" }, "ios_sound": "sound.wav", "android_sound": "sound" } ]

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answered 19 Feb '15, 11:57
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Everything seems to be fine with this request. Does this issue affect only the android platform? Am I correct that when you are sending this request system plays default notification sound?

(19 Feb '15, 13:51) Andrew_H Andrew_H's gravatar image

No, this is the on IOS.

Yes, default sound is played on IOS and Android platforms.

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answered 19 Feb '15, 14:00
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I would suggest you to compare your project with Pushwoosh Cordova sample project in order to check whether your sound files are placed in correct folders:

iOS: https://github.com/Pushwoosh/pushwoosh-sdk-samples/tree/master/Phonegap-Cordova/iPhone-Phonegap

Android: https://github.com/Pushwoosh/pushwoosh-sdk-samples/tree/master/Phonegap-Cordova/Android-Phonegap

(19 Feb '15, 15:17) Andrew_H Andrew_H's gravatar image
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