I I have two apps (App1 and App2) and a Filter based on a user tag, if I send a push notification from App1's dashboard and apply the filter, will the resulting message be targeted to only App1? Or would it be targeted at all devices with the relevant tag across all my apps?

To clarify, would the underlying target syntax be:
A("00000-00000") * T("user", EQ, "1") which would target only App1
T("user", EQ, "1") which would target all apps

In context, I have dev and production versions of my app and would like to be able to target one or the other from the dashboard.

asked 11 Feb '15, 20:55
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In case you are sending a message from app's dashboard in your Pushwoosh Control Panel with the specified filter your message will be delivered solely to this app (App1 in your example).

As for the advanced tags you have mentioned, in the first case the app specific message will be sent. In the second case - a push will be sent to all your apps with the value "1" of the "user" tag.

Please note that the API request with advanced tags should looks as follows (/json/1.3/createTargetedMessage):

   "auth":"PW AUTH TOKEN",
   "content": "Hello world",
   "devices_filter":"A(\"00000-00000\") * T(\"user\", EQ, [1])"

I hope that this information would be helpful for you!

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answered 19 Feb '15, 09:52
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I would like to add one more detail regarding advanced tags. Please note that this feature works only with remote API.

Please refer to the Advanced Tags Guide for more info:


(19 Feb '15, 11:16) Andrew_H Andrew_H's gravatar image
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