Hi..currently I'm doing testing sending push with Pushwoosh API. When i tried sending not too many push in one time, such as 5 pushes everything is OK. Pushes and my statistics show equivalent value of push sent. But when I tried sent 100 pushes, Pushes show Pushwoosh sent more than 100. But my statistic show that my code only send 100 pushes to Pushwoosh. Any explanation?

asked 18 Feb '15, 01:19
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It would be nice if you could provide your username, and be more detailed about the issue, e.g.:

  • Were they 100 individual createMessage requests or a push to 100 devices?
  • If they were 100 API requests, did you send them at once?

Any screenshots illustrating the issue would also be helpful.

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answered 19 Feb '15, 10:01
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Hi Benedict,

The username I'm using is shawnruss. I'm sending 100 individual pushes to 4 devices only. and yes, I'm sending it once. My latest test is today. I sent 100 pushes, Pushes show it successfully sent to 4 devices. But Pushes show it send 164 pushes to these 4 devices.

alt text

alt text

alt text

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answered 24 Feb '15, 01:26
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Could you please provide the API request you are using?

(24 Feb '15, 12:13) Benedict Benedict's gravatar image

I'm using createMessage API

(25 Feb '15, 00:30) key_rc key_rc's gravatar image

That's exactly what I was asking for - the entire createMessage request you have used to send your pushes.

(03 Mar '15, 07:42) Benedict Benedict's gravatar image

Hi Benedict,

I don't know if Pushwoosh has done something or not, but after several testing I found Pushes now show the exact numbers of my push sent.

Case disclosed.

Thanks anyway. Cheers!

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answered 03 Mar '15, 04:16
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Hi, sorry to hear that the issue is persistent. Could you possibly contact Pushwoosh support, so they could investigate?

(03 Mar '15, 07:45) Benedict Benedict's gravatar image
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