Can I use the pw form to send test messages to tag values?

When I go to the filters tab and add a filter, it lets me pick my tag, but doesn't give me the option to enter a value?

Here is what I'm trying to test: 1) On device registered, I call setTags() as set a value for userId tag = 1. 2) Now, that the device is registers, I want to log into pw and use the web form to send only to userId=1. 3) then I want to send to userId=2, which doesn't exist, and I expect to NOT receive this message on the device that is set to userId = 1.

Appreciate some help. Thanks, Don

asked 14 Feb '14, 03:45
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Hello Don,

Currently, in the Control Panel you can choose only existing Tag values. Please note that I have passed this use-case to our developers, and I hope it will be available with one of our major updates. Unfortunately, I cannot provide its ETA at the moment.

However, please note that you can easily do it via Remote API using our Advanced Targeting ( To put it roughly, you should just use the following condition in the createMessage request: A(xxxxx-xxxxx) \ T("userId", EQ, "1"). This way, the notification will be delivered to all of your subscribers, except for those who have "1" as "userId" Tag value.

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answered 18 Feb '14, 09:35
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Dmitry Dyudeev

I did figure out that the Tag/Filter tab in the control panel does allow you to set a value for an Integer (range), but the String does not. I just changed my userId from String to Integer, so I can try to set a test notification to a specific user's device. So, far I'm unable to set tags to test this scenario. (see my other post on setTags not working.

Thanks, Don

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answered 18 Feb '14, 18:58
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