In the FAQ it says:

Make sure you remove all stale profiles during development on the device or the device might not request a new token for push notifications properly.

How is this accomplished? I am getting invalid or missing token warnings in the push history. I have double-reaffirmed my app has the right provisioing profile and the app id is configured correctly, but each time I call the api to register the same token is returned.

asked 11 Mar '15, 03:47
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Hi Zenocon, were you able to solve the issue?

(17 Mar '15, 09:28) Benedict Benedict's gravatar image


Please make sure that you have properly configured the gateway for your app in the Pushwoosh Control Panel - Production for Distribution/AdHoc provisioning profile and Sandbox for Development.

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answered 16 Mar '15, 12:47
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  • In manual configuration the gateway will be automatically determined depending on the push certificate you upload.
  • In Auto Configuration you are given a choice which certificate you need.
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answered 01 Apr '16, 05:26
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Thanks for the info, makes total sense.

(01 Apr '16, 14:50) skoch skoch's gravatar image

Where does one find the "gateway" setting?

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answered 31 Mar '16, 15:47
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