Hi ,

We are sending push notification to all devices with condition and filter. which works fine when debug mode is on but fails when mode is off. any idea why this is happening.

below is our json string.

 JObject json = new JObject(
               new JProperty("application", pwApplication),
               new JProperty("auth", pwAuth),
               new JProperty("notifications",
                   new JArray(
                       new JObject(
                           new JProperty("send_date", "now"),
                           new JProperty("content", new JObject(new JProperty("en", pushContentEnglish), new JProperty("es", pushContentSpanish))),
                //new JProperty("ios_badges", 1),
                           new JProperty("data", new JObject(new JProperty("custom", new JObject(new JProperty("t", notificationType), new JProperty("i", objectId))))),
                           new JProperty("devices", new JArray(strDeviceArray)),
                         //  new JProperty("filter", "ActiveANN"),
                           new JProperty("conditions", new JArray((JContainer)new JArray("Language", "IN", new JArray("en", "es")), (JContainer)new JArray("ANN", "IN", new JArray("1", "3")))),

                           new JProperty("ios_root_params", new JObject(new JProperty("aps", new JObject(new JProperty("content-available", "1")))))
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Can you provide text request/response to/from Pushwoosh where debug mode if off?

(02 Apr '15, 09:31) XXXX XXXX's gravatar image

"message is success 200" when debug mode is on ,my filter sent a push to specific devices but debug off it gone to all users

(02 Apr '15, 09:37) rajeevharbola rajeevharbola's gravatar image

Please provide request as one line string. It will help to resolve issue. for example you can convert json into String like this string json = json.ToString(Newtonsoft.Json.Formatting.None); I think in release mode some part of request is cut.

(02 Apr '15, 10:28) XXXX XXXX's gravatar image

{ "application": "X", "auth": "token","notifications": [{"send_date":"now", "content": {"en": "Player","es": null},"data": {"custom": {"t": 0, "i": 261 } }, "devices": [ "deviceid" ], "conditions": [ [ "Language", "IN", [ "en", "es" ] ], [ "ANN", "IN", [ "2", "3" ] ] ], "ios_root_params": { "aps": { "content-available": "1" } } } ] }

(02 Apr '15, 10:54) rajeevharbola rajeevharbola's gravatar image
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