Hey all, I've been working on integrating Pushwoosh into a PhoneGap Build based application for iOS and Android. My problem is as follow, the iOS push notifications seems to work fine, but on Android it seems to work occasionally. Based on this, my assumption is that code wise it is integrated well, but the configuration side of things are wrong.

Steps I've taken to integrate PushWoosh in Android:
- Included the PhoneGap Build plugin <gap:plugin name="com.pushwoosh.plugins.pushwoosh"/>
- In the developer Google api Console I've created a new api key (browser key).
- This Api key is added to Android settings in the Pushwoosh control panel, with PhoneGap Build as framework.
- Android SDK set to Pushwoosh in control panel.
- Validated the Manifest, no errors returned.
- Allowed *.pushwoosh.com in my config <access origin="*.pushwoosh.com"/>

Application site of things:
- Added the appid (taken from control panel) and projectid from the Google api console.
- Added the function for registrating the device and eventlisteners and so on (Used this guide: https://www.pushwoosh.com/programming-push-notification/android/android-additional-platforms/phonegap-build/)

Am I missing something? Any ideas or help appreciated!

asked 07 Apr '15, 10:49
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Hi, could you possibly contact us via help@pushwoosh.com and provide your username?

(15 Apr '15, 08:43) Benedict Benedict's gravatar image

Thank you for the response, I've already contacted support and finally found the problem.

(15 Apr '15, 14:06) selmar selmar's gravatar image

Finally fixed the problem. This was due to the fact that I used Angular in my Application and didn't wait correctly on the pushwoosh plugin. That was why it randomly worked. Here a nice article which explains how to fix this in combination with Angular: http://briantford.com/blog/angular-phonegap

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answered 15 Apr '15, 14:08
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