Hi, I'm working in adding pushwoosh to my game in Unity3D for Amazon devices. I got the registration key for the device when launching the game, but I never get the notifications (inside or outside the game, they never arrive...). I have done step by step the integration guide, but there is something not working right.

(I tried with the android version and it works)

Any help or advice please/

I think is the same problem that: https://community.pushwoosh.com/questions/660/unity-plugin-androidmanifestamazon-pushnotifications-not-received.

asked 07 May '15, 12:30
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Could you please contact help@pushwoosh.com and provide your username, console log from the device which does not receive pushes and the AndroidManifest.xml file?

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answered 18 May '15, 14:08
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edited 18 May '15, 14:08

I did it, they told me that my AndroidManifest was right and found something that could be the error in the log (but its not). I found this that I think is the problem...

D/ActivityManager( 909): single user service: com.amazon.device.messaging D/ActivityManager( 909): app = com.amazon.device.messaging, has single user service, setting process record. I/AmazonIntentService( 8737): Received message D/ActivityManager( 909): single user service: com.amazon.imp D/ActivityManager( 909): app = com.amazon.imp, has single user service, setting process record.

Is alreday sent to the support team

(18 May '15, 14:11) emora emora's gravatar image

Now is working, it seems something was wrong in the cloud and not in my Code or my AndroidManifest. Hopefully they have fixed it :)

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answered 04 Jun '15, 13:32
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