How can I disable the console log? Because in the log of my android device i can see the proyect and app id: 05-20 09:41:49.229: I/System.out(29158): App ID: 4FC89B6D14A655.46488481 05-20 09:41:49.229: I/System.out(29158): Project ID: 60756016005

I can see too the calls to methods: 05-20 09:41:52.237: W/Pushwoosh: Request manager(29158): Pushwoosh Request: {"request":{"application":"4FC89B6D14A655.46488481","device_type":"3","jailbroken":0, "push_token":"APA91bE8lRm6r9Zr6dY7plw...", "app_version":"1.5.0","hwid":"7e9...","os_version":"4.4.4","v":"2.2","device_model":"Motorola XT1032","timezone":-18000,"device_name":"Phone","language":"es", "android_package":"com.pushwoosh.test.tags.sample.app","sounds":["bubble","push_sound","silence"]}}

This information can be used for a malicious app, for example, to register in pushwoosh with the app_id and project_id

Thank you

asked 20 May '15, 15:56
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edited 20 May '15, 15:59

It is not possible to disable console logging in the current version of Pushwoosh Android SDK, unfortunately. You can disable it on iOS, though.

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answered 21 May '15, 08:08
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edited 21 May '15, 08:09

Hi Benedict. How can logging be disabled in the iOS SDK?

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answered 15 Mar '16, 15:46
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