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Since few days, we have plenty of ios connection failed issues into the notification reports. Before that everything was fine and we did not change our way to send the push notifications.

The app ID : E88AD-F21B7

Any idea about what happens ?


asked 21 May '15, 10:25
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Basically, "Connection Failed" means that we could not connect to APNs for some reason. The reason why it happens is still unclear, and our developers are doing their best to locate and fix issue.

Please contact our support team if you have any further questions!

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answered 21 May '15, 13:01
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Max Kuzakov

Hi, just letting you know that the issue with failed connections was finally resolved! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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answered 09 Jul '15, 12:15
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Ken, this was due to a malfunction we spotted and fixed today, please let us know if the issue is still persistent.

For anyone who might be still getting this error: please check your push certificates, they are most likely revoked.

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answered 11 Sep '15, 13:41
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I'm having this problem today. I have many failed iOS notifications similar to the original issue reported in May. Is there any remedy being addressed to correct this issue?

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answered 11 Sep '15, 03:14
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