Hello dear PushWoosh community.

I'm trying to disable Location tracking, because not using that feature. And system message if i permit Location Tracking is annoying.

Here is what i have tried in my config.xml

    <preference name = "Pushwoosh_NO_TRACK_IAP" value = "YES" />
    <preference name = "noTrackIAP" value = "true" />
    <preference name="trackingEnabled" value = "false" />
    <preference name="Pushwoosh_TrackingEnabled" value="false" />

And none of above worked still getting same 'Do you allow location tracking' on ipad.

Can anyone help with this?

Thank you

asked 28 May '15, 18:44
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On Cordova, it is pushNotification.startLocationTracking line in your index.js that should be removed in order to disable the location tracking.

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answered 04 Jun '15, 10:57
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edited 04 Jun '15, 11:03

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Did you try the following method?

- (void)stopLocationTracking

This is a method of PushNotificationManager class and should be called in your app, not in config.xml

To start location tracking again use

- (void)startLocationTracking

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answered 03 Jun '15, 08:22
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Vitaly Roman...

I'm using phonegap build (build.phonegap.com service) to generate packages. Unsure how to add patches to iOS specific code. Is it possible to disable location tracking behaviour with config.xml ?

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answered 07 Jun '15, 14:24
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edited 10 Jun '15, 16:08

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