When i have my App in background and when i click on the notification, it shows a blank page. The app is not started. However from the second time onwards, on clicking on the notification the app is launched. Stuck with this issue. Any pointers? I am using Pushwoosh with Unity.

asked 21 Jun '15, 08:35
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Is it iOS or Android? Does it happen if you use sample project?

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answered 22 Jun '15, 11:34
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Its only on Android, trying out with sample project

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answered 22 Jun '15, 14:26
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Yes it is pretty much happening on the sample project as well. I have used everything mentioned in http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5605207/android-notification-restarts-app-but-want-to-resume http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5502427/resume-application-and-stack-from-notification

On clicking on the notification, unity is invoked, and i see the following logs for unity

I/Unity ( 1196): onPause D/Unity ( 1196): Releasing Unity-ProjectRequestedWakeLock D/Unity ( 1196): Sensor : Accelerometer ( 1) ; 0.153229 / 0.01s ; BMA2x2 3-axis Accelerometer / Bosch

Pretty much the last logs from unity. Any help is welcome. I am using Unity 4.5.4 (not sure if this is specific to unity version)

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answered 23 Jun '15, 13:56
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I see there is a related question,


but is unanswered. Not sure how was it solved.

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answered 23 Jun '15, 13:58
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