Hi guys,

Our build is based on the native Android guide... When the device has the application open, the push notification displays with all sorts of JSON data. Can someone explain what is going on?

Message looks a little like

{"onStart":false, "pw_msg":1, "from" : "340983209482304", "title": "this is a test message!"......etc }

Any help would be really appreciated!


asked 21 Jun '15, 12:13
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Sorry guys, I worked it out. When the notification comes through and the app is open, it is displayed as a Toast message... You need to parse the JSON data yourself, ie "title" is the body text.

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answered 21 Jun '15, 12:43
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I am having the same issue. Can you please share more details as what needs to be done? Thx.

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answered 01 Jul '15, 20:17
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How you resolved this issue? Please explain in detail

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answered 08 Jul '15, 07:15
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i also want to know how to solve it please

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answered 18 Dec '15, 22:14
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I think the problem is that you are getting a JSON string through that can then then be converted to an object. You are displaying the serialised JSON string rather than the object. As its a string it looks like a JSON object but isn't really.

No idea how you convert it to JSON in Java but in Javascript it would be

var JSONobject = JSON.parse(string).

This would convert the string back into the actual JS

and to convert out back to a string

var string = JSON.stringify(JSONobject)


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answered 23 Dec '15, 10:59
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