How does one integrate settings for sending notification data to both debug and release app versions (created as separate apps on the PushWoosh console) inside an iOS app?

The APP ID and APP KEY are both integrated inside the Info.plist file so it seems difficult to switch configurations between app targets at runtime.

A tutorial would be appreciated.

asked 22 Jun '15, 05:23
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One iOS build cannot be "Development" and "Production" at the same time, since each of them is configured with a different set of certificates (Development / Production), and signed with different provisioning profiles (Development / Distribution).

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answered 22 Jun '15, 10:49
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I've decided to use separate .plist files for the two builds using Xcode settings.

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answered 22 Jun '15, 10:39
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Add a user defined setting to the project build settings, eg PUSHWOOSH_APPID. You can reference this setting's value in the Info.plist by using $(PUSHWOOSH_APPID). This will allow you to have different values for debug and release.

Alternatively, you could use Xcode config files for debug and release, and in them have a build variable that is referenced in the info.plist.

Ideally, the Pushwoosh app ID should be configurable at runtime to make this alot easier, or have 2 keys for development and production.

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answered 08 Jul '15, 00:40
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