is there a way to send silent notification from the remote API. in CP interface there's an option to check "Send silent notification" for ios. how can I use this option from the remote API for ios and Android?

asked 23 Feb '14, 00:04
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The last update of the native Android SDK includes support of silent push notifications.

In your API request please use the "ios_sound":"" and "android_sound":"" parameters with an empty value.

It's also available through Control Panel:

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answered 20 Jan '15, 16:00
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Alex Spotar

edited 20 Jan '15, 16:01

Yes, that's possible. Just send ios_sound: "" or android_sound: "", in notification's settings. Request example:

    "request": {
        "auth": "TOKEN",
        "application": "xxxxx-xxxxx",
        "notifications": [
                "send_date": "now",
                "content": "silent notification",
                "ios_sound": "",
                "android_sound": "silent.wav" // you must add silence voice file into you project
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answered 24 Feb '14, 08:53
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edited 08 Jan '15, 14:15

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No, a sound is still heard on Android and Iphone.

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answered 07 Jan '15, 15:08
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Please try again for iOS.

For Android - it is not possible to send silent notification. You can make silent.wav file in you project and send it

(08 Jan '15, 14:07) XXXX XXXX's gravatar image

P.S. new SDK update will allow silent push on Android.

(10 Jan '15, 09:11) shader shader's gravatar image
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