As we can see from the Push History, pushes to that application "MyApp" (XXXX-XXXX) always receives the MismatchSenderID report, which means pushes to this app actually never approved by GCM for delivery because something is wrong with the Google API key. Particularly possible reasons are: · The Google Project number specified within the app isn't the one in Google Console; · The API key in your Control Panel isn't the same that you got in Google Console; · The API key, for some reason, doesn't work properly. Also, we always suggest trying switch from the Server Key to the Browser one or vice versa.

asked 02 Jul '15, 06:38
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Sharad Shere

What is your app code? Did you check whether your API key and Google Project Number are fine? Also, have you by any chance whitelisted any IPs when creating the API key?

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answered 02 Jul '15, 10:43
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My app code is "9DFAD-FB719" while Google API key and Google Project Number are fine. I was having old Google Server Key but few days before I have replace it with newly created Google Server Key. I am getting the pushesh but received message from PushWoosh as above.

(02 Jul '15, 10:58) Sharad Shere Sharad%20Shere's gravatar image
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