My app is configured to accept actionable notifications, as well as long look notification scenes in WatchKit. The categories are created programatically, using string identifiers, eg FollowCategory.

In order for these to be set in the system, I am not calling [[PushNotificationManager pushManager] registerForPushNotifications] as it will override my settings, rather I am just calling [[UIApplication sharedApplication] registerForRemoteNotifications] and can confirm push notifications are being received.

I would like to test the categories using the Pushwoosh web interface, but it appears that the push settings only allow selecting categories created on the interface, and these have numeric id's.

UPDATE: the above method of not calling [[PushNotificationManager pushManager] registerForPushNotifications] didn't actually work.

The workaround is to register user notification settings in the PushNotificationDelegate callback method onDidRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken: as this appears to override the categories set by Pushwoosh.

asked 09 Jul '15, 02:50
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Hi Ricardo,

We had rolled out a temporary fix preventing an empty categories array overriding manually set ones as well as the ability to manually set custom categories in Control Panel. Please let us know whether it solves your issue.

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answered 28 Jul '15, 15:08
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