Anyone facing similar issue. My push notification are working fine (I am able to see a surge in Google analytics when I send a push notification out). But the opened / android delivery stats in Pushwoosh are close to 0. Almost for all push notification.

Any suggested solution / approach to go about this.


asked 31 Jul '15, 10:38
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I am in touch with the support. And the issue got resolved. I will document and post a answer here (for community use) once things are tested.


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answered 12 Aug '15, 10:23
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Glad to hear it, thanks for your reply!

(12 Aug '15, 10:30) Benedict Benedict's gravatar image

Hello! Were you able to test the solution suggested? Is the statistics being collected fine now?

(25 Aug '15, 08:15) Benedict Benedict's gravatar image

Yes, we just moved our code to production. Statistics looks to be working better. Will have a look for a while before documenting.

(25 Aug '15, 14:56) divyenduz divyenduz's gravatar image

@Benedict I have documented the scenario. Please have a look and let me know if I can make it better in any way.

(05 Sep '15, 10:51) divyenduz divyenduz's gravatar image

Hi! What is your app code? Have you tried contacting our support team regarding the issue?

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answered 12 Aug '15, 09:19
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We had some business case where we had to extend PushGCMIntentService and roll out our own version. If this is done, the pushStat API request is not sent and has to be manually sent as follows (it should be executed on opening the push notification):

String hash = b.getString("p");
PushStatRequest request = new PushStatRequest(hash);
RequestManager.sendRequest(MainApplication.getContext(), request);

Here, "b" is a bundle received when a push notification is received by device. This is a manual way of sending the pushStat request.

Also, the support guys recommended that using custom intent services will not be available with the upcoming updates of Pushwoosh SDK. Therefore, developers are recommenced to use the notification factory functionality with the following classes:

1) Inherit from the AbsNotificationFactory/DefaultNotificationFactory;

2) Redefine method onGenerateNotification and add there a customization code;

3) Call the PushManager.setNotificationFactory, passing your factory there.

Note that the factory should have a constructor without any arguments since when a push comes to a closed app a new instance of NotificationFactory is being created.

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answered 05 Sep '15, 10:50
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