Hi, is any having the same issue?

When i send a push from the pushwoosh.com panel, without any tags and filters, all my devices get the push. But when i set a filter with one tag, it doesnt work anymore. The applications is setting tags OK.

My app id is: 634E1-E34E3

Please, we published the app in all markets and this just stop working from one day to another.

asked 08 Aug '15, 18:05
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As far as I can see, some of your pushes are sent to the empty list of subscribers, and it mostly happens because no devices fall under the conditions you set. You can check the Tag values of your devices on the Tags -> %Tag_name% -> Statistics page of your Control Panel.

Also, are you having issues with iOS notifications? I have noticed that you are getting "Invalid Token" error on your iOS pushes. Please check that your provisioning profile matches your certificate and gateway (must be either Ad Hoc or Appstore Distribution in your case).

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answered 10 Aug '15, 12:46
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Thanks so much for the answer. It was a bug in the app, luckly we can solve it. Now it's working OK, but i have a small question:

If the device is not connected to the internet, and the push stands for 1 week, it should recive the push when it's connected again to the network, right? If that is right, i think that is not working properly, cause we are having a lot of issues with that...

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answered 12 Aug '15, 16:48
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My pleasure, glad to hear you got that working!

As for your issue with push expiration time, can you possibly provide more details?

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answered 13 Aug '15, 13:24
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