Hi All,

Unfortunately i always get this error (Cordova is not defined) on my browser, and it didnt work on mobile phone too..

I am building an app based on Sencha Touch 2.4.2 packaged with PhoneGap.

I followed both "Phonegap Build" and "Cordova / PhoneGap" Guide.. Nothing works.. I cannot get my app to generate the token to be registered..

Anyone had the same problem before?

Many thanks!

[EDIT] - Kindly see code below... function initPushwoosh() { console.log('here 01'); var pushNotification = cordova.require("com.pushwoosh.plugins.pushwoosh.PushNotification");

console.log('here 02');
//set push notifications handler
document.addEventListener('push-notification', function(event) {
    //get the notification payload
    var notification = event.notification;

    //display alert to the user for example

console.log('here 03');
//initialize the plugin
pushNotification.onDeviceReady({appid: "81A18-9CB55", serviceName: ""});

console.log('here 04');
//register for pushes
        function(status) {
            var pushToken = status;
            alert('push token: ' + pushToken);
        function(status) {
            alert(JSON.stringify(['failed to register ', status]));


on launch() function i have added

document.addEventListener('deviceready', this.onDeviceReady, false);

On my console, i got "here 01", and then it stop...

On Chrome Console, i get "cordova is not defined"

asked 14 Aug '15, 00:30
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edited 14 Aug '15, 01:07

Hi, have you tried contacting our support team regarding this issue?

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answered 18 Aug '15, 10:53
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Hi again :)

Turn out, you have to specify the CORRECT (latest i guess) Pushwoosh plugin for Phonegap Build.

Oh PW documentation, we were asked to add to www/config.xml

<gap:plugin name="pushwoosh-cordova-plugin" source="npm"/>

When i use below instead

<gap:plugin name="com.pushwoosh.plugins.pushwoosh" version="3.4.2"/>

it works :) no more "Cordova is not defined" error ;D

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answered 19 Aug '15, 04:05
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