i want to send a notification to only one device related to a specific action like "some one like your post", and i can't do this thought the api the only response i got is "CODE_NOT_AVAILABLE" and i don't want to turn on the debug mode,i want to send a specific notification to a specific device.

and what if i want to send the notification to only 4 devices?

this is my code

$notification = Notification::create(); $notification = $notification->setDevices(['317bd234b303337e751173eab974049f']); $notification = $notification->setContent('test 22'); $request = CreateMessageRequest::create() ->addNotification($notification);

asked 20 Aug '15, 15:46
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Hi! Please note that "CODE_NOT_AVAILABLE" message appears only when you are sending notifications to less then 10 devices using targeting via "devices" parameter of /createMessage method. Please do not worry about it — the notifications are sent anyway, but the information about them isn't saved in your "Push History".

The Debug Mode overrides this behaviour for one hour and lets you save all pushes in the Push History, so you could make sure they are successfully sent.

Alternatively, if you would like to have all your notifications stored in history, you can use our Tags feature for targeting.

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answered 21 Aug '15, 11:17
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edited 21 Aug '15, 11:17

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