I want to send localized messages to different device. According to the guide, I should input the language code in the content, such as {"en": "Engish Message", "fr":"French Message"}.

But now, I also want to send the messages in Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. According to WikiPedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes, there are only one Portuguese and one Chinese codes, that are pt and zh. How can I distinguish each language? What code should I input?

Thanks a lot.

asked 28 Feb '14, 08:34
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You can see the full list of the subscribed languages in the stats for the Language tags in your account. Just click on the blue graph and select Table View to see the list.

Please note that not all devices might give away their Language properly, therefore to be on the safe side we advise you to add both "pt_br" and "pt" versions of the message.

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answered 04 Mar '14, 10:08
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Alex Spotar

Thanks for your reply. We will use your solution for Brazilian Portuguese. But apart from that, we also need to support Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. But from the list, we can only see "zh" for Chinese. And it seems to be only simplified Chinese used in mainlaind China.

So we would like to know how to represent Traditional Chinese.

(04 Mar '14, 10:22) Cross Cross's gravatar image
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